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A CUSTOM framed Print of your choice in 8 x 10 (11x14 Framed), 11x14 (14x18 Framed), or 12x16 (16x20 Framed) print size. Please note, Frame 4, 5, and 6 are NOT available in 14x18. Frame 1 and 2 will vary on appearance based on stock available. Frame 3 available in all sizes.


When ordering, please indicate which print you want framed, and which frame you would like. All Prints will be matted in either standard Black, Company Colors of that ship, or lighthouse colors. Please indicate what matte choice you wish. Prints can also be personilized at no charge! 

Framing Options

  • No Returns, any damage must be reported to carrier immediately upon receipt. Artist will compensate for any repairs to the artwork that might be needed if damaged, buyer must take to a local framing shop for assistance. All sales final. 

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